How Small Fashion Brands Dominate Big Brands through Instagram?

How Small Fashion Brands Dominate Big Brands through Instagram?


Fashion Brands & Instagaram:

Nowadays there is a strong relation between branding and social media like instagarm. Most people like to get their brand seen by every person on the planet, they want to show their brand to all the people around the world. For the purpose of promotion of brands, instagaram is a magical place. On instagaram more customers follow the brands quickly and spread the world of mouth. There are more than 300 million users of instagaram from all over the world, therefor brands try to use this media for communicating with customers. More people use instagarm for getting knowledge about brands, through proper marketing passive shoppers can be changed into confident customers.

Small Fashion Brands are playing well:

In this era, small fashion brands are more promoted than well-known brands. Customers for smaller fashion brands are increasing day by day. This all happens not suddenly, but there is a lot of uphill struggle involved. A study has proved, there are many customers and people who are using social media like instagarm for the fashion industry. The Fashion market is appealing more people on instagram. in October 2015, it was analyzed, there are approximately 350,000 posts from different small fashion brands in social media like instagram. through the posts and marketing campaigns small fashion brands are dominated on big fashion brands in a few years. Small fashion brands are moving towards instagram in large numbers, because they know the value of this medium of marketing and promotion. Every brand has follower growth of almost 10.00 percent. It is a huge number of followers. Instagram is a more effectual channel for small fashion brands.

Strategies of Small fashion brands:

  • Small fashion brands try to build the community of customers rather than just the followers. if there are thousands of followers who are not active and not helping in promoting the brand then they are useless. so, the small fashion brands adopt this strategy to grow more than big brands of fashion. They keep those people who are useful for their branding. They concentrate on communities of customers who are loyal to them.
  • They adopted the strategy of ┬ádirect communication with customers. It gives a good feeling to customers and increase their satisfaction level. Customers feel that they own this brand. This strategy helps smaller fashion brands in promotion on instagram.
  • Small fashion businesses run promotions and marketing campaigns on instagram. Every one is running promotional campaigns on instagram, but smaller fashion brands run their campaigns with creativity, emotions and with new ideas. This is the best way of engaging the followers and turn them in the form of satisfied customers.
  • Small fashion brands introduce them self with unique and amazing names. Which has more influence on followers. The name has meanings those are associated with the brand, values and appealing towards the customer. So, small fashion brands adopt this strategy to grow up and moves towards the peak.